Sunday, 22 November 2015

Saturday Night Cutting Chai

I have been super lazy or may be a little too tied up with trying new places and different food so I haven't been able to post anything on the blog. But I promise to write atleast one post every week. So right now I am going to write about how I chose to spend my Saturday Night (it wasn’t very happening so I might just disappoint you all..haha)

While I was busy browsing through my Instagram feed, my beloved best friend called me. The whole world was partying somewhere while we both were having the lamest conversation on the phone. We obviously wanted to go somewhere but since we are always too lazy to drive (and broke) we decided to go somewhere close by to grab a tea or coffee.

Chai Express

It is cozy little cafe with an indoor as well as outdoor seating. It is open till about 10.30 pm which I know is too early for a Saturday Night, but since we had a curfew, it worked for us.
Lemon Grass Tea
Since winter is almost here and it was chilly outside, ordering a steaming hot tea made perfect sense. After staring at the menu for about ten minutes we ordered for Lemon Grass Tea. Nothing extraordinary about it, but it was probably just what we needed.

We made ourselves comfortable inside on the table where they have a TV which always has 9XM on. It was a Bollywood night with Tea (lol)

The best part about this place is the wall which is on the right hand side as soon as you enter. I’d like to call it the Red Wall of Feedback. People have penned down their thoughts about this place on heart shaped red coloured sticky notes. It grabs your attention because it really looks great with the reflection of the yellow lights.

Even though it is a very small place they have done a great job with the ambiance. The wall has a  fancy little lamp, a few posters and a pretty looking clock. The high tables and stools are surprisingly very comfortable.

I haven't tried the food yet but they serve typical Maharashtrian snacks and they have a wide variety of teas and coffees and other drinks on the menu (I haven't tried many but I plan to) For all I know is that the snacks smell really good.

Lemon Iced Tea
So the next time you have nothing to do and want to drop by for a quick bite with someone at a chilled out place without pinching your should go to Chaai Express !

Location - 15, Fountain Head Apartment, Opposite to Karishma Complex, Kothrud, Pune.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Festival Of Lights - Goddess of Wealth

Lakshmi Poojan

So, unlike the first two days of Diwali, Lakshmi Poojan does not have a specific story to it but here is the reason why celebrate this day.

For majority of the people, Lakshmi Poojan is the most important day of Diwali. It falls on Ashwin Amavasya. Even though it is a dark night of no-moon day,the atmosphere is illuminated with lights and fire-crackers. As soon as the sun-sets every window is lit up with lanterns and clay lamps. The sound of the fire-crackers make you go deaf,well..almost deaf!

This day is celebrated to honor Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the wife and the active energy of Vishnu, who is regarded as one of the creators of the universe. According to the legends, Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. The interesting fact is that Lakshmi has four hands which represent the four important goals of human life as per the Hindu way of life- Dharma,Karma,Artha and Moksha. Lakshmi not just means material wealth but also spiritual wealth. In Lakshmi's iconography,she is typically carrying a lotus in one or two hands. Since lotus is a flower that blossoms in clean as well as dirty water,it symbolizes purity and beauty regardless of the good or bad circumstances in which its grows. It is a reminder that good and prosperity can bloom and not be affected by evil in one's surrounding. Her face and open hands are in a mudra that signify giving or daana (charity). Lakshmi in Sanskrit is derived from the root words lakṣ meaning to perceive and laksa meaning goal.

Legend says that Lakshmi sprung with other precious things from the foam of the ocean of milk when it was churned by the gods and demons for the recovery of the Amṛit (elixir).

She is said to visit her devotees on the day of Lakshmi Pooojan. Hence,people celebrate this day with full enthusiasm. Lakshmi Pooja consists of a combined Pooja of five deities. Ganesha is worshiped at the beginning of every auspicious act as Vighneshvara and goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in her three forms - Mahalakshmi the goddess of wealth and money, Mahasaraswati the goddess of books and knowledge, and Mahakali. Kubera the treasurer of the gods is also worshiped on this day.

Lakshmi Pooja is celebrated as a part of Tihar, second national festival of Nepal after Dashain. Nepal celebrates Lakshmi Pooja for five days. The people of Nepal buy gold and silver,precious gemstones, new utensils as a sign of good luck and prosperity.

Even though bursting fire-crackers is a part of the tradition, we all need to give a serious thought to it. I hope you have decided to celebrate a pollution-free and noise-free Diwali :)